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Democracy Now!

A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, airing on over 800 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the U.S.
The Official Jefferson Airplane Website

 Does it get better than this? It's no secret! Click the link on the left to listen to Jefferson Airplane right from Fulton Street! (OK-not exactly from Fulton Street-but it is easier to believe in than a magic bullet!). Jefferson Airplane is still flying - go visit the site (link below) and take off (or is that take off and visit the site, take visit off site, where's my tri-noculars!)

Last fm

This is a link to one of many great last.fm.com stations. Formed in London, England, Last.FM was intitially set up to promote Indie Music and all the great stuff you don't hear on, uh, FM. So stop being so F M in it. This station rocks with JA, JS, QSMS, Hawkwind, Syd Barrett and much more!
NPR Podcast

NPR is a great resource for research. Much more than a news wire, NPR reporters really get to the heart of the matter. NPR rarely puts a spin on the news, so automatically they must be Commies (or worse-Democrats)! So beware - if the truth scares you, there is always Fox News.

 The link on the Left (how typical) is a sample of Podcasts you can put together for yourself. This Podcast Focus: World News-US News-Politics-Science-Music-Movies - You can make your own program  too!

Alternative Radio

Alternative Radio, established in 1986, is an "unembedded" weekly one-hour public affairs program offered free to all public radio stations in the US, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and on short-wave on Radio for Peace International. AR provides information, analyses and views that are frequently ignored or distorted in other media.

 The link on the left will bring you to a page where you can download weekly Podcasts. If you would like your Public Radio Station to Broadcast this show, contact AR here: http://www.alternativeradio.org/

Welcome to the Global Revolution!

 If your dream is to change the world together with the rest of the 99%, with unity, equality, and mutual respect, organized horizontally, under the demand for basic human rights to be given to all humans, as the power of governments, corporations and banks recede behind the horizon of the future, then we invite you to join us.

!Le Show

 Vogue magazine describes Le Show as "wildly clever, iconoclastic stew of talk, music, political commentary, readings of inadvertently funny public documents or trade magazines and scripted skits."

 For over twenty years, audiences have been enjoying Shearer's gift for satire and sketch material on Le Show which got its start in 1983. It ran under various titles before Le Show was selected through the results of a listener contest. Harry, known for his voice work on The Simpsons, writes the sketches and performs all the voices as he romps through the worlds of media, politics, sports and show business while providing an eclectic array of music along the way.            http://harryshearer.com/news/le_show/
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Runtime approx 58 min

Jefferson Starship - Galactic Reunion - August 9, 2005
This clip features the last half of TC's performance with "Jefferson Quick Dead" as well as the first 30 minutes of Jefferson Starship.

I am giving you two ways to view this show. A really lo-fi Real Audio clip for those with dial up and a much improved MPEG version for Broadband users or dial up folks with infinite patience.

This was shot with a Sony Digital 8 camera and the audio was surprisingly not bad. While this is no epic video it was a great show and should give you a taste of the Band's recent efforts. I guess the proper expression is-some video better than nothing. The Band ROCKS!

Part 1 Click to Listen
Part 2 Click to Listen
Part 3 Click to Listen
Part 4 Click to Listen
Part 5 Click to Listen
Part 6 Click to Listen
Part 7 Click to Listen
Part 8 Click to Listen
The Dead Hour - Paul Kantner - Interview - September 1, 2007
Golden Gate Park

Uncensored Paul Kantner Interview with David Gans Dead Hour Show. This show celebrated the 30th Anniversay of Blows Against the Empire. Paul discusses the various collaborations of the Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra, Science Fiction, Sex and all the other stuff we are fond of. Lot's and lots of music too!

Oct 16 2007 - Click to listen

Oct 23 2007 - Click to listen

Dorbcast - Archived mayhem
These Podcasts feature Commodore Perry and A Deckers discussing the Ship, weird News and subjects near and far from reality.
Alternative Radio - Revoking Corporate Charters

 Corporations, Corporations. From ExxonMobil to Wal-Mart they dominate society and politics. Over the last 100 years corporations have accrued enormous economic power and legal standing. A corporation is licensed to do business. These licenses are called charters. In theory, when a corporation violates its charter, it can be revoked. That used to happen but not any more. And now corporate power has gotten a big boost. On Jan. 21, 2010, the Supreme Court, in Citizen's United v. Federal Election Commission, ruled that there are no limitations on campaign contributions by both domestic and foreign corporations. Noam Chomsky calls the decision "a dark day in the history of U.S. democracy, and its decline." The ruling, "The New York Times," says "strikes at the heart of democracy" by having "paved the way for corporations to use their vast treasuries to overwhelm elections."
Alternative Radio - We The People

 Corporate rights are at the core of almost every environmental and social justice problem that we face. Corporate power grew immensely toward the end of the 19th century with the dismantling of legal restraints and the redefinition of corporations as persons with free speech rights. Today, the level of corporate power over the political system and the economy is unprecedented. And it shows no signs of lessening. The Citizens United Supreme Court ruling made a bad situation worse. It allows for unlimited penetration of corporate money into politics. What does it mean for the workings of a self-styled democracy to have corporations calling the shots in Washington and the state houses? We the people are on the short end of the stick. How can citizens change this unfair and unequal situation?